The Project

“ For a long time I have had a desire to collaborate with musicians because I find that music inspire images for me – I ‘see’ it.

This has led me to study the structure of music to compare it with visual composition and I wish to further build these bridges by inviting musicians to help find the common structures between our languages so as to collaborate, create unusual work together and cross the porous boundaries between arts.

My vision for this exhibition is that the work will be presented in such a way that the viewer will be offered the breathing space and opportunity for contemplation that each artwork needs to fully reveal its gift. ”

Eléonore Pironneau


The expression ‘CHANGE OF SIGNATURE’ is borrowed from musical language and refers to the transposition of a melody from one key to another. However, in the context of this project, it is used to evoke the appropriation and translation of a piece of visual artwork by a musician.

This is the proposal of the artist, Eleonore Pironneau: to invite musicians, composers and sound designers to transpose her paintings into their own musical language, to create an original and unique joint work, signed and submitted by both artists.

The paintings to be used in this project come from Pironneau’s series of intimate small formats which present a world of floating forms. What they signify is left open and resonating, and their atmosphere is particularly musical. Even though they could be read as evoking the world of sensation, of the psyche or of the organic world, for Pironneau, they also evoke sound.

The artist has established a vocabulary of visual forms that she uses as a poetic language to suggest music.

Each musician chooses one of these pictorial composition and is invited to engage and interact with it in the form of a short sound work, using some or all the elements of the visual composition as a basis for their own. Apart from this constraint, they are given free rein.

The installation itself offers an unusual relationship with the artwork, asking the viewer to look and listen with equal attention. Placed in a comfortable position and protected from any outside sensation, the viewer is in a perfect condition to be able to stay several minutes in intimate contact with each piece and thus has the possibility of being invaded by the sensations, reflections and/or emotions it evokes.


Interview with Eleonore Pironneau in L’Echo Magazine