The Installation

The installation will consist of 10 paintings installed and secured on music stands equipped with their own lamp, headphones and a hidden MP3 player. The paintings are to be fixed to a panel mounted onto the stand and the name of the musician will sign the painting on a small plate also fixed to the panel.

The music stands will be purposely designed for the show so that they are solid and adaptable to public display. If necessary the stands will be placed on a low platform to which they will be securely attached.

A chair will be installed in front of the stand to enable the viewer to feel relaxed and intimate with the piece and can at his/her own pace look and listen at the same time. The disposition of the stands would evoke the organisation of an orchestra or depending on the venue to be installed to suit the morphology of the space.

Soft lighting from the top would embrace the installation and define its organisation in the space.

If in a small venue, the paintings and headphones might be fixed directly to the walls.


Drawing by Jean Faucheur