The title ‘CHANGE OF SIGNATURE’ takes inspiration from a musical terminology, which signifies the transposition of a melody from one key to another. However, in this case, the title aims to elucidate, a more interactive way of signing a piece of art, with music.

Curated by the artist herself Eleonore Pironneau, the project focuses on presenting her work to a choice selection of artists from the world of music: Musicians, composers, digital sound artists, who are invited to draw inspiration from her work, and thereby create a musical inspiration/signature of her works. Each musician is invited to choose a piece of art work to interpret as a piece of sheet music, either as a literal transposition, or as a unique piece that serves as a direct counter-point to the original art work, adding further meaning to the work.

The objective of this cross-disciplinarian exercise is to enhance the public’s appreciation of the visual artwork, inform a different way of exploring the art space, and blur the line between the visual art itself and its inspired sound-scape/sound track.

The proposed artwork is a series of intimate small pieces, that evoke the emergence and genesis of form. Over these series of paintings, organic forms/shapes emerge at various stages of evolution, out of the darkness of the canvas, floating, playing to the imagination of the spectator.

The installation will seek to engage visitors in a way that stimulates curiosity, beyond the 2 dimensional medium of the canvas, engaging their imagination to explore the exhibition on a deeper level through the interplay between the visual art and its inspired soundtrack. Set out as a labyrinth of discovery, the installation will steer visitors to each art piece, which will be revealed in a gradual light and to a sound display when the visitor approaches the artwork, and which disappears when the visitor steps away from the artwork.

Designed to engender a deep interactive sound and visual experience, A Change of Signature is the audiovisual experience that carefully blends music with visual art, and the use of light and dark.