An interdisciplinary installation from Eleonore Pironneau in collaboration with 10 musicians

“Having been involved with all sorts of musical projects in my career in France, and being at this moment Director of the French equivalent of BBC 6 in my country, it is my opinion that “Change of Signature”, by the prominent artist Eléonore Pironneau, is one of the most interesting, daring, and significant multimedia projects I have been able to contemplate these recent years.”
Patrice Blanc-Francard

25 – 29 March 2014

26 rue Saint-Claude
75003 Paris

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NOISE and whispers at GV Art


Music from Change of Signature was played on Resonance FM by the Band Of Holy Joy



“Change of Signature creates a new dimension in the exploration of an artistic journey. For the first time one can discover an artist at depth, take the time to taste each painting, delving into the colors, texture, emotions, details, at the pace of a musical work of very high quality. This is an inspiring pictorial and musical walk through a garden of music stands. The subtle lighting and the intimacy of the headphone’s sounds invite reflective concentration. The dialogue between music and painting leads the visitor into a unique experience of artistic encounters and sharing.”
Marie A Beau
Psychologist and artist coach

“Change of Signature is a journey into the heart of a mysterious intimacy lead by enigmatic and voluptuous musical compositions. Their flow brings you beyond images into the space of your own emotions. The paintings bring the viewers closer, the music bring them together, for a moment.
From painting to painting Eleonore Pironneau evokes the fragility of happiness while inviting you to contemplate what is beyond form. Her magic will accompany you far and deep and will possibly inhabit your inner landscape for a while.”
Francine Joyce
Writer at éditions Elsevier Masson

“We visited the exhibition one afternoon when it was quiet and nearly empty.  I could move freely from one picture to the next and it was beautiful to see all the stands arranged in that amazing derelict space with little pools of light over the strange and ethereal pictures.  I loved listening to the music while being held to the pictures in front of me.  It was a unique experience that I found very moving – most unexpected.  Each composer wrote a short passage about how they responded to the paintings and it was fascinating to then hear what they say with their eyes.  It was wonderful!”
Christine Billings
Development Manager at Rambert Dance Company

“Well done and thank you for an excellent exhibition and event.”
Justine Kenyon
Art Officer at Wandsworth Art Festival